Our History

Company’s Milestones

Charting a Legacy of Innovation and Excellence in the Oil Gas Petrochemical and Mining Industries

PetroTech's Inception

Establishing the foundation with a vision to redefine excellence in engineering services for the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, and Mining Industries.

Global Expansion

Expanding horizons by establishing associate offices in Canada, England, and KSA, solidifying our global presence and facilitating swift equipment sourcing.

Trusted Partnerships

Cultivating strong relationships with reputable manufacturers, ensuring products adhere to internationally accepted standards with certifications including ASM E, ISO, and A

Supply Chain Excellence

Pioneering a seamless supply chain, our objective is to create, maintain, and contribute to an efficient system providing clients access to high-quality products at minimum cost.

Procurement Leadership

Becoming the go-to database for Procurement and Supply Chain, Petrotech emerges as a global engineering leader with a diverse range of services and equipment.

10+ Years of Excellence

Celebrating over a decade of delivering outstanding engineering solutions, Petrotech remains committed to innovation, reliability, and client satisfaction.

Petrotech: Global leader in Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, and Mining engineering. A decade of excellence in procurement solutions. Your trusted partner for reliable and innovative solutions.

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