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About Us

Petrotech is a global engineering leader, specializing in services for the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, and Mining Industries. With extensive experience in global procurement, we offer a diverse range of equipment, from drilling tools to PPE.

Our associate offices and warehousing facilities ensure quick identification and sourcing, while strong relationships with trusted manufacturers uphold internationally accepted standards. Committed to maintaining an efficient supply chain, Petrotech is your exclusive database for Procurement and Supply Chain solutions.

We Offer 4 Core Services:

  • Procurement Supply Contracts & General Supply Agreements
  • Approved Supplier
  • Full or Part Outsourced Procurement Services
  • Ad Hoc Procurement & Targeted Product Source
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Products and Services

Top drives / Mud pumps / Drill floor equipment / Ceramic liner / Bushing Rotary tables/ Slips equipment / Motion compensation equipment I Drilling and pressure control equipment services / Roughnecks / Mud systems / Power tongs / Spinning wrench / BOP handling equipment / Tubular handling tools / Cellar deck equipment I Vertical pipe handling equipment / Draw works / Power systems / Hoisting equipment / Safety clamp / Drill collar / Drilling control and advisory system / Horizontal pipe handling / Mesh screen (Shaker screen).
Submersible / Slurry / Air pump / Metering pumps / Diaphragm / Well pumps / Vertical turbine / Sump pumps / Trash pumps I Drum pumps I Centrifugal / API process pumps / Axial flow pumps / ANSI pumps / Multistage.
Coveralls / PPE workwear / Helmets / Gloves / Ladders I Safety harness / Eye protection / HSE signs / Spill kits and sorbets I Medical devices / Safety accessories / Breathing apparatus / Safety footwear / Respiratory protection / Hazard protection / Lockout/ Tagout.
Control valves / Globe valve I Ball valve / Check valve / Needle valve / Strainers / Actuators / Angle seat valve / Gate valve / Plug valve I Multiple port valve / Poppet valve / Valve Lockouts I Expansion bellows / Piston valve / Butterfly valve / Diaphragm valve / Relief or Safety valve / Pinch valve / Stainless Steel & Brass fittings / Valve gaskets / Flanges and bolt sets
Pipe / Quick connects / Weld fittings / Pipe covers / Tubes / Dielectric fittings / Push fit accessories / Hoses and flexible tubing / Seal fittings / Pipe support liners / Flange to tube fittings / Maintenance Repair Operations (MRO) / Hand tools / Fasteners / Clamps / Fluid power tools / Bearings and transmissions / Hydraulic and motion control solutions / Welding / Hose fittings / Abrasives and power tools / Specialist engineered hydraulic, pneumatic control system packages / Cutting tools I Personal protections / Batteries / Pipe handling / hydraulic systems / Lubricants and chemicals.
Flow Transmitters, multi variable I Flow Instrumentation accessories / Transmitters: Pressure, DP, Level, Flow, Temperature I Pneumatic Transmitters / Field Mounted Indicating Controller / Digital Indicating Controllers / Plant Leak Detector / Ultra Violet Flame Detector / Earthquake Sensor / Recorders & Controllers / Instrumentation and Tools / Automation and Controls / Wireline tools and Downhole instruments / Offshore instrumentation and control / Gas Chromatograph.
Fuel Additives / Emulsifiers / Special lubricants and sealant for valves / Wetting agents / Defoamer and Defoamer agents / Corrosion inhibitors oils / Coolant oils / Cement additives / Full range of other essential additives.
Steam Turbines / Gas Turbine / Gear boxes / All types of engines (Diesel, Double action reciprocating piston pumps) / Oil Free Rotary Screw Air Compressor with Stainless Steel Cooler Lubrication Control System.
Cable I Switchgear / Battens I Electric Motors / Plugs & Sockets / Switches I Power Supplies & transformers / Wires / Conduit / Crimp terminals / Security I Sensors I Distribution Boards I Contactors & Control gear / Fuses / Lighting & Lamps / Circuit Boards / Fixings / Isolators / Terminal blocks / Electric Meters.
Whether you need to transport drilling tools, HVAC and refrigeration, valves, piping, compressors, refinery equipment, replacement parts, or just a small consignment, Petrotech can provide efficient logistical solutions for all contracts placed.

Unified Solutions. Solutions for All.

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FAQ & Information

Petrotech boasts over 10 years of experience, a global infrastructure, and a commitment to excellence. We offer cost-efficient procurement support, timely fulfillment, and a dedicated warehousing system for added value.
Yes, our products adhere to internationally accepted practices, including ASM E, ISO, and API certifications, ensuring the highest quality standards.
Petrotech primarily serves the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, and Mining Industries, providing tailored engineering solutions.
Petrotech is equipped to handle urgent and emergency procurement requests promptly. Our global infrastructure, associate offices, and warehousing facilities ensure a quick turnaround to meet your project's urgent requirements.
Absolutely. Petrotech is flexible and adaptable to cater to specialized or custom procurement requirements. Our experienced team can work with you to identify and source specific equipment or materials, even beyond the listed product categories.

We Spread Around the World

Unleashing global reach, PetroTech extends its influence and
expertise across borders, delivering engineering excellence worldwide.







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Petrotech: Global leader in Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, and Mining engineering. A decade of excellence in procurement solutions. Your trusted partner for reliable and innovative solutions.

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