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Individual supply contracts for specific commodity or product categories. Designed to complement our clients existing internal procurement function and can be pre-priced for 'call-off': Current contracts include: Drilling tools, Valves, Piping, Steel, Tyres, PPE, Electrical & Plumbing.

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Operating as a dedicated, Approved Supplier on a limited, pre-selected "preferred suppliers list”. This is for either "General supply” or commodity driven categorisation and we typically compete with other trading houses or manufacturers on multiple enquiries.

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Dedicated and outsourced function directly aligned to your company operations , capabilities and needs. Service set up with pre-agreed Terms , Conditions and methodologies , which often includes PetroTech staff assigned to your operational site/s.

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Whilst we are set up for dedicated and specific projects we undertake individual ad-hoc procurement mandates usually for emergency supply.

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Petrotech: Global leader in Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, and Mining engineering. A decade of excellence in procurement solutions. Your trusted partner for reliable and innovative solutions.

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